-We stay professional and pragmatic and find the best solutions.

-Our ultimate aim is to provide market leading IT and IT Consulting Solutions to the industry. We foster distinctive long-term client-partnerships as well as deep-rooted relationships with our candidates.

-Now more than ever in this dynamic and ever-changing global business world, companies need to take swift decisions to adapt and thrive. Businesses need the right information, at the right time, in the right place.

-Given the current job market, finding the right professional is quite a challenging task. We can take over this challenge for you, allowing you to pay more attention to your core business, while we find the right candidate.

To redefine Customer Business Equity with 3T.i.e Transformation, Technology and Talent. Our vision is to empower our customers to focus on Core Business Competence through innovative and competitive IT and Business Process Outsourcing

Reproduce the dynamic behavior of your future apps or websites with business logic and conditional navigation. Design smart forms and data tables. Get a realistic simulation of your web or mobile concepts!


To deliver successful next generation technology services through constant evolution and innovation to keep abreast with the ever-changing industry. Our foremost aim is to enable our clients and employees to create professional and personal success, by providing rapid response, informed expertise and high-quality solutions.

Apart from the capable management team that has extensive technical background, our proven and demonstrable technological capabilities as well as adoption of latest technologies, investment in research & development and co-innovation; the following are but a few reasons why our clients chose us as their technology partner:
- Cost effective and reliable solutions
- Experienced and skilled man-force
- Successfully delivered more than 100 projects
- Dedicated professionals for different jobs
- Continuous research and development to avoid latency as result of delayed technology adoption by clients

We have been able to win the trust of our clients on
the back of our proven industry experience,
our technological competence and solution
delivery models.

We strongly believe in aligning with various partners to leverage collective strengths and capabilities in order to deliver practical and effective technology solutions that not only result in measurable business value to our clients but also help them achieve sustainable ROI.

The company is lead by an able management team that is equipped with extensive industry and varied domain experience. The proven talent in the top-ranks and their vision and direction not only bring the calmness, composure and assurance that so vital to our functioning as a team but also ensures that our clients get top-quality solutions from us every time.

Riyantech made its strategic choices:
- Stay focused on the money vertical - BFSI segment, Advertising & Media, Travel & Telecom and Energy segments
- Create lasting value in only a few relationships
- Partner with the pioneers
- Dominate the Domain
- Build Turnkey capabilities - Solutions, Services and concentrating on Products


We believe in building strong bond and long-lasting relationship with our clients employees since we owe our success to them.

- Create a proactive environment for personal and professional development
- Unleash the collective knowledge potential
- Achieving global accreditation by excellent customer service
- Cultivating credibility over the years
- Anchor the family and its aspirations
- Impact the society at large
- Rooted in Riyantech Values - Passion, Humility, Integrity, Respect and Fun


To be a reliable and responsive techno-business solution partner, and provide; Cost- effective, Timely Solutions, Meeting Customer Expectation through continuous process improvement, and maintain win-win relationships in all the verticals.